What is Norton Antivirus and its Importance

The dependency on computer is increasing day by day after technical revolution. Internet connection has made values to computers. The users are surfing on internet to get required information related to their project, study or R & D. While accessing internet, the users download malware, spyware and many other internet threats. This is not over. Sometimes users apply external storage devices that contains virus.



These result infections in your computer system. Thus your systems response gets slow, browser crashes automatically and many other issues may arise. To protect your computer from internet threats Antivirus Software comes in to existence. There are number of antivirus software providers but Norton software is the best only because of its strong internet threats filters and Norton Antivirus Toll Free Number. The customers can call on this number to get support related to Norton. The company launched several versions of Norton and users can choose that as per their requirement.

 Common Norton Antivirus Problems

As we know that Norton software is available in various versions. But Norton 360 has got enormous appreciations by users. Despite of these all Norton users face technical problems while using that. Some of the common issues with this software are as follows:

  1. Antivirus download and installation problems
  2. Antivirus Update problems
  3. Taking large time to scan internet threats
  4. Software get disabled

If you are one of those customers and facing technical problems as discussed above then call on Norton Antivirus Customer Care Number. You will get quick response from antivirus techies.

 Download Norton 360 with product key

Downloading and installing Norton 360 on your computer saves life of your system. But, customers face technical problems while downloading Norton 360 with product key. Here, we are suggesting you quick steps to perform the task. Follow the below given steps:

  1. Browse Norton.com
  2. Select SetupàCreate Norton AccountàNorton 360
  3. Enter the Product KeyàNext
  4. Enroll to Automatic Renewal ServiceàGet Started
  5. Click Agree and Continue
  6. Enter Payment details and click NextàBilling Address
  7. Click Continue to DownloadàAgree Download
  8. Follow Run and Save Instructions

After following the above given steps, users can successfully download and install Norton 360 using product key. If you are still facing any technical problems then call on Norton Antivirus Customer Service Number to get the best possible help from CCE.